The Oil and Gas Consulting Company

Chargeability Reviews

Are you confident that all contractually billable costs are charged to non-operators across your different properties and various joint operating agreements?  Is overhead billed properly?  Is all overhead billed? Is all chargeable labor, employee and contractor, billed?

Do you have the resources, expertise, and time to determine if you are in full compliance with the Accounting Procedures and Operating Agreements?  Martindale has performed thousands of audits and been involved in drafting many of the COPAS model form accounting procedures that likely govern your properties.  From simple and small operations to the expansive and complex, Martindale understands operations and how the governing agreements apply in the myriad of situations because many of our staff have worked for independent and integrated companies.  We know what is contractually chargeable and what is not, and we know the common areas where operators routinely undercharge their joint accounts.

If you have recently acquired properties, are developing new operations, or simply haven’t performed a chargeability review, let Martindale come in and review your internal costs and agreements to ensure you are billing out all contractually eligible costs.

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