The Oil and Gas Consulting Company

Regulatory Reporting

Our Regulatory Reporting group provides our clients with the expertise needed for all their regulatory reporting needs, including Federal and state reporting, unbundling, and regulatory compliance, both on an ongoing basis and for special projects, whether they are self-generated or required by a governmental agency.  

Federal ONRR reporting services include:

  • Monthly or re-filing of Oil & Gas Operations Reports (OGOR)
  • 2014 Royalty Reporting
  • Non-arms-length valuation of residue and NGLs under 30 CFR 1206.142
  • Indian oil valuation under new Indian Oil Valuation regulations
  • ONRR audit & compliance
  • Data mining requests
  • Act as liaison between payor and regulatory agency
  • Regulatory compliance review before ONRR requests and audits
  • Determining ”marketable condition”

From filing EMARFs to handling prior period adjustments and inquiries, Martindale can manage it all for you.

Unbundling Services

Not taking deductions from your federal royalties?  Consider the cost implications of paying a higher effective royalty rate by not taking allowable transportation and processing deductions.  ONRR unbundling is necessary to identify those allowable deductions.

What is unbundling?

According to ONRR, “Lessees transporting and processing Federal and Indian natural gas under non-arm’s-length and arm’s-length agreements are obligated to comply with the regulations for claiming allowances for transportation and processing costs, including 30 CFR §§ 1206.157 and 1206.159 (Federal) and 30 CFR §§ 1206.178 and 1206.180 (Indian).”

The unbundling process is complex and burdensome, but beneficial by identifying the allowable transportation and processing deductions for federal royalties.  We collect detailed information from the payor and third parties and create an unbundled cost allocation specific to your properties.  As part of our process, we work closely with ONRR for approval prior to applying the unbundling cost allocations to your royalty calculations.  This helps eliminate future questions and issues and establishes a working relationship with the ONRR.

State Reporting

We are always available to answer your questions and review your specific situation to help identify your needs and assess your exposure.  Give us a call. 

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